The Boat

By Shylass

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Tags: lovers, unknown, ocean, heavens, together

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The beginning of a voyage...
This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.

We sink into the shifting sand as the waves rush over our bare feet,
Scattering fat, salty drops that rainbow sparkle under the sun,
Rushing up our legs and grabbing the hems of our clothes.

Together, we heave the wooden vessel into the foamy sucking shallows,
Baby fish darting in frantic shimmering flurries to escape the loomingshadows of our impending voyage.

As the boat slides from the deep slipway of the beach,
We scramble in before the sand has kissed us farewell,
Dragging its caressing fingers between our toes
Into this new home of ours on the rocking waves.

Rolling down in a mirror of the undulating waves,
As the wood beneath us finds a steadied watery road,
Our limbs fail about, finding purchase on the planks
And on each other.

We collapse in giggles and breathless panting,
Our new chapter not yet halfway through the first sentence.

Side by side, we lie on our happy backs,
Holding excited hands
And feeling the silver-brown weatherworn timbers beneath us,
With the warm, salty air above us.

We stare up into the daytime heavens,
Deep and rich and deeper still.
We gaze into those limitless oceans of sky bedecked
With moors and mountains of soft, billowing clouds.

We wonder at the heavy sweeps in their foothills
Of the thundering herds of feral horses,
Their shining shadows mirrored far below them
In the scudding waves
As they drive their hideous strength powerfully
Into the rocks now far behind us.

We shift; the boat rocks.
We lie together, legs to legs,
Hips to hips, heart to heart,
And see the horizontal reflection of
Deep blue sky and silver-brown wood in each other’s eyes.

Your strong, deep, warm tones,
So rich with weathered resilience,
Constant and happy to ride the waves
Wherever storms and tempests may throw you,
Or giggling breezes and doldrums may hold you.

My deep, unfathomable colder tones,
Scattered with delighted, twinkling stars,
Or raining with tears, and clouded with anxious fears.

We make a pair, you and I:
A pair who ride the waves and seas
Of searching desires and wondrous hopes;
Who wander together between the depths
Of Neptune’s hidden realms
And Apollo’s glorious journeying.

And like the sun reaches down to kiss the emerald ocean
In a life-changing, passionate embrace,
So we, two lovers, reach for each other,
And ride these tumbling waves wherever this boat shall take us.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.