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The Confinements of Lush

The Confinements of Lush

We find ourselves here for many reasons;
we are writers, readers,
companions and confidants.

Although separated,
by distance, time and reality,
our experiences often overlap, leaving us to ponder....

What is real?

Creating a bio to mark our arrival;
describing ourselves in mere paragraphs,
likes, dislikes, kinks and twists, just to be noticed.

Typing in black boxes with limited space;
anxiously awaiting a response,
wondering what's happening beyond the other side of the screen.

Our confidence boosts from a simple compliment;
we begin to blossom, feel desired, wanted, appreciated, by those who've sought us out.

We set rules and boundaries;
all to be broken at one time or another.
We often break away from the ‘good girl mold’
as our own ‘rules’ crumble around us.

Confines often breaking way;
breaking way to the very things we once set limits on,
the very things we never expected we would do.

We search for the ones who have similar stories to ours;
search for those looking to find a connection,
erotic or intimate, real or fake.

We search for what we are missing;
taking chances, hoping they'll pay off,
but not wanting to lose sight of who we are along the way.

We give ourselves willingly;
whether for pleasure or love,
hoping our fantasies will be fulfilled.

We watch as others become territorial;
at times even catching ourselves,
desiring what does not belong to us,
yet we feel free to join the ever-growing virtual world for our own pleasure.

One's game may break one's heart,
one's heart may be broken by one who unwittingly knew,
or by one who was playing the game all along.

We can recreate ourselves,
just be ourselves, or
even destroy ourselves
in the confines of this virtual world called Lush.

We combine pleasure and pain;
in more ways than one.

We play Russian roulette;
taking risks when it comes to lust and love.

The elusive thing that binds two together,
the common link,
what we ache for but don't have,
what we miss but hope to regain.

We often react instead of act,
our actions not always conventional. So what's acceptable and what's not?
What's right and what's wrong?

We make choices and sacrifices,
some that will overlap and affect our daily lives
outside of the invisible walls of Lush.

We are among a competitive group of individuals,
some are real, others are not
creating themselves under false pretenses,
wanting to recreate what they've lost.

We log on everyday,
see the same list of friends, old and new,
some we barely connect with,
others we feel closer to than those in our everyday lives.

We thrive on the excitement,
the anticipation of what may come,
the adrenaline rush that flows through our veins like a water fall.

It's like being on the craziest ride at the amusement park,
the rush it delivers
the high it brings,
taking you to the very edge, the brink of ecstasy.

We laugh, we cry
we get turned on and turned off
we play and get played
we leave, we come back.

It's a perpetual cycle,
a place in which we can be free.
this is our playground, here is where we play.

We are the Confinements of Lush.

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