The Dance

By bigcuddlydaddy

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Tags: Lust, love, dance

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I watch her dance from across the floor

Full breasts heaving as her breathing quickens

With the intensity of her sensuous workout

Grinding her hips into an imaginary lover

Thrusting in time with the rhythm of the music

As though making love in the middle of the room

I feel a hitch in my breathing as I take in this view

A flush crawling up my neck as my body responds

Shading my face with an obvious crimson hue

My pulse becoming rapid, my heartbeat racing

Blood instantly filling that part of me

That defines my very manhood

And I am stricken with an incredible heat

An intense lust setting my mind, and my loins, afire

Maddening desire controlling my thoughts, my actions

I make my way across the dance floor as though drawn

Gyrating with a wanton disregard for decency

To take this goddess into my arms

And consummate the union of two inflamed souls

I take her in my arms with an animalistic passion…

And find myself holding my pillow

As my alarm beckons the start of another day