The Day Lush Stories Died

By Bunny12

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Tags: goofy ass fun poem

Added: 13 Feb 2010 Views: 2578 Avg Score: 4.79

Disclaimer this poem is just for FUN!!!

Oh my goodness, Oh my dear our Lush Stories has disappeared!

Tried to log on but “Server Not Found” OMG is Gav around!!!

My addition has vanished oh what shall I do guess I’ll write a silly poem or two.

Where are all my buddies like Albaguy, Pantyboy, Tampmark, and Vic and the ever prolific Exakta66!

That is only to name a very few and without my favorite Stephenrocca what would I do!

BBB856, Lady_Lydia, Mandieh1234, and Danny10 only to name a few that Valentine wishes I did send.

Maxopenminded, Mastermind4u, Cris and Bi69fun4us knowing these guys is certainly a plus.

Thankfully my hubby is at home and he is fine so I won’t be missing i3825.

I am not lying so you can Quoteme and if did not mention your name it does not mean a darn thing.

I love all my Lush buddies each and every one chatting with them is so much fun.

I hope the server gets up and running real soon or I might go nuts as tonight is a full moon.

I just had a poem post on the home page and Savanna that sweetie gave it big raves.

Now what shall I do with my afternoon with no horny stories which over to swoon.

Without Lush Stories I am going to be board I will miss all my horny guys by the hoard.

Guess I will spend some time writing something to post to keep them all cumming from coast to coast.

Hurray, yahoo, isn’t it grand Lush Stories is back up and running again.

Gav got it all fixed in record time before I could even finish this poem of mine!

Now everything is right and normal in kink land with Lush Stories catering to every woman lesbian, bi-sexual, Trans sexual, heterosexual and gay man!