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The Devil Went Down on Georgia

The Devil Went Down on Georgia

Inspired by Soleil and Charlie Daniels Band
The Devil Went Down on Georgia

He was a smooth talking gent
Hanging out in all the right places
Where the fine ladies went
The ones with alluring faces

His lines were all well played
Honed over many a year 
Practiced where he stayed
Delivered without any fear

He wore a cowboy hat
His hair showed a bit of gray
But his body was quite fit
Always older than his prey

One night in LA
Not too long ago
He was there for a stay
On a deal making dough

Drinking in the lobby bar
He spied a little mama
He pulled out a big cigar
Lit it with much drama

She looked over his way
As the smoke around him curled
He said “Might fine day”
Eyes intense and brow furled

She nodded her assent 
Gin and tonic was her drink
With it to her table he went
Toasting "Salude" and giving a wink

She offered him a seat
He accepted with grace
He never missed a beat
Even touching her sweet face

She was taken by surprise
But he said to her then
“What beautiful eyes”
In his, she saw her sin

She was quite taken in
By this sweet talking man
Her nerves they were shaken
Though she suspected his plan

They sat and they chatted
She was quite a flirt
Dark eyelashes she batted
Even hitching up her skirt

Georgia she said
Was her given name
"Lovely" he responded
Not offering the same

She just let it pass
But she was quite intrigued
He raised up his glass
And said “Oh you will plead”

Confused and surprised
She began to feel fear
He locked on her eyes
His intentions were becoming clear

She found herself flustered
Fear fought with desire
Her courage she mustered
Now she was on fire

This stranger had seduced her
She was aroused as hell
No way to demur
She thought, what the hell

She would extract a promise
From this wild old buck
All her body he could kiss
Never would they fuck

To his room they retired
Where he talked to her nasty
Her passions were fired
His voice was all raspy

He called her little slut
She reluctantly agreed
He smacked her on the butt
Laid her across his knees

The pain sent her juices flowing
As harder and harder he smacked
Her ass so red, brightly glowing
Down her legs juices tracked

She so badly wanted to cum
Crying out for release
She felt the bruising of her bum
And she began to plead

“Please Mister Somebody
Whoever you are
Please eat my pussy
My ass may soon scar”

He demanded she beg
As he called her his little whore
With both hands he spread her legs
And his fingers began to bore

Deep into her pussy
His fingers began to pound
She was feeling woozy
As her G spot he had found

Her first climax it came
As his fingers did deeply fuck
This wild wanton woman, she had no shame
Her body shook, hips wildly buck

Still she wanted more
Her pussy begging to be kissed
She said "Yes I'm your whore"
Mister please, tongue in my slit"

Lying back on the bed
She opened her eyes
His face flushed so red
She was in for a big surprise

It was his tongue as he licked
In and out of her slit
My god it was forked
And tied round her clit

She wondered aloud
Is this heaven or is this hell
From out of nowhere came a crowd
And she thought “oh well”

Letting her body take over
Her senses were on fire
All their eyes fucking her
And she burned with their desire

His tongue fucked her harder
With total abandon her moans growing loud
She came with a shudder
Entertaining the crowd

For all to see, she came
She came for all to see
Now the whole world knows
She isn't just a tease

This old devil, he is sly
Be warned if you wanna play
He will tan your hide
He will have his way

The devil went down on Georgia
She pleaded and she begged
She said "I'll do anything for ya"
As her pussy his forked tongue pegged

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