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The First Time!

A long poem about a first time sexual and sensual experience with a woman
The First Time....

It was an extra step in my heartbeat, the moment I first saw you
And when we found ourselves, alone, in that bedroom for the first time
You took control of me, allowing my hands to roam across your skin so soft
Caressing that shapely figure, as our lips touched upon one another

Inside, desires built of me wanting to rip off your clothes and fuck you deep and hard
But, you would be my first, and the overwhelming fear of the unknown took over
Resting my head in the bosom of your chest, holding me close and caressing my head
Whispering soft words into my ear, losing contol to your comfort and warmth within

Undressing me, as I watched with anticipation and arousal of watching you close
Laying upon the bed, naked for you to look upon from above with eyes so blue, and a smile so sweet
Slipping off your underwear, for me to vision you naked for the first time
Your breasts, your hips, your stomach so soft, and the thighs that lead to passion that awaits caught between

Slithering down upon the side of my position, as your fingertips worked wonders across my naked form
Touching me like no one ever had, awakening feelings, emotions and sexuality like I had never explored
Your kiss, wet, soft and sweet is as much as I can recall of our connections upon one another
My cock, rising fast to awareness of your hand drawing nearer to it's fixed position below

Looking into your eyes, and knowing I am safe, and warm within your touch upon me
Your fingers, hands and palm caressing my thighs, awakening the blood that thrives and rushes to the piece of aroused state of mind
Throbbing, twitching and searching for a purpose to it's creation
Your fingers, gently wrapped around, gripped softly in your grasp as your wrist twists upon it's axis

Deep breathes, erupting from my lips as you look down upon me with sweetness upon your face
Your hand, jerking my cock within your grasp, slowly expanding, throbbing and caught in your grip
Peeling the foreskin down, like a blanket covering the sleeping giant beneath that awakens with a roar
Kisses of your wet lips, upon my chest as you work your way across my body to the desire that awaits

The first feel of wetness, caught upon my throbbing cock you hold
Your tongue, caught like a magnet upon it, licking upwards across the tower that rises above
A soft groan of sexual energy breaking from my lips, as it disappears within your mouth
Lips, locked tightly around the shaft that is full, as your head rises and lowers and I lose control of everything within me

My hand, caressing through your hair, holding you in position
Confirming my pleasure from your tongue working wonders, upon my throbbing cock caught within your lips
My own personal sexual whore, teaching me the sexuality of enjoyment of receiving a blowjob so fine
Your hand jerking above the base, and mouth wrapped tightly above, working in motion as one to please me

My loss of understanding of that which is around me, disappears from my sight, so only you I see caught up with me
I want to reciprocate these emotions, feelings, and sexual desires that are building within my body you made
Pulling you up, to lay at my side, as it is my turn to explore your naked charms, your skin and shape of your naked form
Beginning, with a kiss upon your lips, soft, wet, like we both enjoy as I begin my sexual journey of exploring a woman

Your head snaps back, as my tongue caresses your neck, licking up along and off your chin
Planting gentle kisses, down below, working connected passageways to the body below
Your breasts, soft, and nipples erect from the cool air that breezes upon them
My lips, touching upon each of them, kissing, caressing with my skin upon your own

My tongue, twirling around your areola's, and flicking your nipples so hard
Suckling like a baby, caught upon it's feeding time as your acceptance of my sucking upon your breasts
My tongue, alike your own upon taking my cock within, twirling around in my mouth upon your nipples
Sexual ecstasy of moans, bellowing from your voice above, pleasure gained from nipples so sensitive

My kisses, moved down, across your stomach and belly button I kiss and lick upon
Slithering like a snake, between your thighs to look upon the pleasure of opening that awaits between
Lips, kiss softly upon your thighs, as hands caress up and down each muscle
The sweet aroma flowing deeply into my lungs, of desires you release for me to taste

I stare upon your pussy, with hunger deep within my desires of pleasing you in return
My tongue, gliding it's way up, across the lips that parts gently to the sweetness of juices that are provided
Honey, sticky and wet, slipping upon my tongue that tastes sweeter than anything ever had before
Lapping it up, into my mouth, as my tongue licks away upon your pussy with a mixtue of slow and fast contractions

Moans, deep breathing of your lungs that show me the pleasure you are feeling of my touch
A mouth, buried between your thighs, and a tongue that slides within your womanhood of sexual desires
Caressing the soft, silky inner pleasure, sliding around and slipping both in and out
The feel of your pussy throbbing, with my tongue inside, holding on tight and desiring more from me

Rising from offering grace, of sexual pleasure of my tongue and licking you inside
Slithering over your body above, working my position back above to look deep in your eyes again
Your hand, reached below, between our bodies, grasping upon the lengthy cock that is hard, thick and throbbing
Positioning it, at the spot of entry, to allow me to explore inside with my cock

Slight fear, of wonders, sensations that I will feel upon entry within
Faded by a soft smile, and words of acceptance drifting from your lips upon me
Lowering my hips, as my cock parts your wet lips, thrusting inside of your wet cunt
Tight, oh tightly gripped from inside, your muscles clasping upon it and not wanting to let go

A groan, "Ughhhh!" I release upon entry inside, as you accompany me with moans on our journey together
Our faces, sexually bonded in pleasure plastered upon each other, eyes lost in each other's stare
Your hands, upon my ass, helping me ease in and out of your lovehole
Raising and lowering, sexuality between us blossoming to new heights, and sensations explored

I kiss your neck, and your chest, as our hands clasp together above your head upon the pillow each side
My hips rocking, picking up pace, as my cock slips in and out, in and out, the sound of wetness captured below
Your ankles, turning over, sliding above, and between my own legs, locking us in positions together
Your hands, caressing up my spine, assurances of acceptance of my sexual fucking deep within you

The tension, building up inside of my body that searches for it's climatic conclusion
The heat of your inner desires, burning with sexual energy of pleasure of my cock sliding in and out
Faster, deeper as I thrust my body upon your own, my cock so wet from your juicy cunt taking it within
My groans, aligned with moans slipping from your own lips, combined to the expression of lovemaking

My cock throbbing, deep inside, the ideal home for it as I am close to releasing my sex for you
I scream, of my cumming as the volcanic explosion rips from the tower, mixing with your own wet juices
Thrusting, slow and deep, hard upon you as each thrust combines with drips of my cum being drained within
Collapsing upon your naked body, as you hold me in your arms... two lovers, cumming together as one in passion
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © (c) All stories are fantasy and original pieces of work by myself, John Doe. Many are inspired by other authors story ideas but never copied, as well as porn videos seen online.

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