The Fourth Date

By CeliaisAliena

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Tags: adultery, jealousy, seduction

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It can be a terrible milestone . . .
It’s proverbial, just plain common sense,
Practically the Eleventh Commandment,
If not from God then the Holy Cosmo
Catechism, that

This being the fourth date, Celie’s getting lucky;
Or, luck having nothing to do with it,
Celie’s putting out. Like it or not. Sigh.
Maybe not so much--

Peppermint choco-chip. Shall I indulge?
Hell, why not. Save on trips to confession.
It’s a day for indulgences. Do I have
Some Pepto handy?

Apparently not. I should make a run
To the grocery store. Anything else I need
From the healthcare aisle? Anything? Any
Thing I’ve forgotten?

Jeez Louise. Besides a clue, a jumbo pump-top
Bottle of Astroglide, and the cure for heartache.
Where are you? And why have you left me
To this rat-race, love?

Audacious, to tell me you’d respect me more
If I was more of a slut. My standards too high?
Or were you too exceptional to accept
Complete devotion--

Or was it anything less, or anything more
Than that, that bored you? I never got the score.
Well, but I’ll score now. Does that excite you?
Are you still using

This address anyway? This shit’s got freezer-
Burn. I’ll just chug it in the sink and watch
It melt. How’s fucking on the kitchen sink
Work anyway, fuck--

Er? Fuck her you did, fuck this, fuck that. Fuck
Everything, everything, everything. Nothing
Less can satisfy. I feel so hopeless,
So out of the loop,

Not keeping abreast of all the wonders
Of herpes medications. Options galore!
Oh listen, pay me no heed. I’m just prattling
To amuse myself.

And you have a wife. I’ve got a life too.
Patriots and Giants, what a reprise!
We watched that game, I stripped for your inter-
Mission, remember?

Is it Patriots and Giants? Has that
Happened already? What the fuck do I know?
That won’t come up when his dick is inside me,
Surely not? Nah, no.

But you know how I like to prepare chit-chat
Well in advance. I guess when I suck him off
That should help the nerves. Is the fourth date
Too soon for bondage?

That should help with the nerves too. You know how I hate
Decisions decisions decisions. Nothing’s
Decided. My mom might get the flu around

So, well, all this preparation could be
For naught. Remember how I sucked your cock
When you returned from your honeymoon? Good
Times, dear, such good times.

I’d hate to have to compare your taste with his.
What was it you said about a Coke
Bottle with a cock in it? Hysterical.
You don’t want a taste

Of that, I know. Well, the afternoons are long,
And you’re very busy, I’m sure. And I’m busy too,
Getting ready for the fourth date. In a while. But call
Me if you want me.