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The Hallway Greet

How every man should be greeted by their girl after a hard day's work...
I greet you at the door
after a hard day’s work,
plant a deep,
wet kiss on your mouth
and press my body up against yours,
Can you feel how much I want you, hun? 

Our hands explore each other’s bodies
as I gently slip off your coat
and let it drop to the floor.
I feel your body tighten and muscles contract,
my pelvis pushing hard against you now,
I can feel you, babe,
I can feel how excited you are to see me too.

My hand reaches down
and gently caresses the bulge growing inside your jeans.
We continue to kiss,
hungry kisses,
tongues darting in and out,
your hands slide down my back to my round ass,
cupping it,
squeezing it hard
and pulling me closer,
grinding your trapped cock against my pelvis.

I bite your lip,
tear myself from your grip
and without a word,
I drop to my knees,
undo your belt buckle,
slowly unzip your jeans
and pull them down taking your briefs along with them.

Your hard cock springs free
and dangles in front of my lips,
beckoning me,
teasing me.

I look up at you and smile mischievously
then take that beautiful cock of yours in my mouth,
swirling my tongue around the engorged tip,
Look me in my eyes babe.
Watch me as I suck your cock.
I want to show you just how much I missed you today .

I slide my tongue along your slit
and taste the salty precum that has oozed out in anticipation,
Mmm, you taste delicious, baby.
I open my mouth wide
and take you deeply,
wrapping my lips around your cock and sucking hard,
in and out,
slowly at first,
then a bit faster,
my hand stroking your dick in unison with my mouth.

I pull my mouth off your cock
and continue to stroke you as I move down
and take your balls into my mouth,
first one,
then the other,
gently swirling my tongue around them.

You steady yourself against the door
and lift up your shirt so you can see what I’m doing to you.
I gently let your balls slip out of my mouth
and glide my tongue up your shaft.
Teasingly, I lick the tip of your cock
and smile at you.
I can see the hunger in your eyes,
Tell me what you want me to do, hun.

Your cock stiffens as more precum pools at the your slit
and without a word,
you put your hands on my head,
grab a fistful of my long hair
and in once swift motion,
bury your cock deep in my mouth!

The force of your cock causes me to gag,
tears well up in my eyes.
You show me how you want it,
how slow,
how fast,
how deep,
pumping in and out,
Fuck my mouth, baby!

You pull out suddenly,
desperately trying to control your need to explode
and allow me catch my breath.
You tell me to open my mouth again,
this time even wider.

You grab my head and thrust violently into my mouth,
down my throat.
My hands gripping your ass and pulling you deeper into me,
holding you steady deep down my throat.
You pull out once again,
bend down and bruise my lips with your kiss.
I spit on your cock and begin to tug on it,
twisting and turning,
up and down.

With my other hand,
I reach under and slip my finger between your ass
and finger your tight asshole.
You moan with pleasure.
I can feel your cock get even harder,
your body tenses up
as you breathlessly tell me that you're going to cum.

I finger your asshole more aggressively
and take you in my mouth deeply one last time,
sucking and slurping,
tugging and swirling my tongue around your shaft,
in and out,
again and again,
as you explode in my mouth with a force that shocks both me and you.
Your hot cum squirting down the back of my throat
filling my mouth to capacity.
You demand that I swallow it,
and I happily obey,
Mmm…fucking delicious!

I stand up,
straighten my clothes
and lick my lips,
plant a soft kiss on your soft lips
and tell you that dinner is on the table,
but to remember to save room for dessert,
Strawberries, whip cream and me!
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