The Heart

By jade

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Tags: heart, fragile, love, poem

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The Heart is so fragile
The Heart is so fragile, it hurts and breaks with a word. One day it flourishes like a new rose. the next it shatters to the ground

He seamed the one I'd longed for, Like the tender man of my dreams A knight in faded blue jeans with a chip on his shoulder and a smile that melted my heart.

How was I to know the pain of this villain in disguise He'd take my heart felt love and waist it like it had no worth.

As pure as Gold valued as rubies, This love that I gave But a wave of anger and betrayal Turned it cold as Ice Never to love again

Tossed aside, and beaten, discouraged and Lost Shattered dreams and Heart torn what a great cost

Maybe this is how it is supposed to be, I've never known anything else. Is love for fairytales left behind in childhood dreams