The Lady of Shallot


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Tags: humour, submission, camelot, mythical, maiden

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Onion a bird in a gilded cage
The Lady of Shallot

Like an onion, you'd have me peel

Knowing full well how I'd feel.

Swooning, my head it would reel

As naughty glances you would steal.

Layer after layer must fall off

Until at last all clothes I doff.

But for you is that enough?

What more is there left to slough?

I'd stand naked from toes to chin

Before you, Sir, in my bare skin.

With my legs spread, my lips grin

While you admire what lies within.

But this lady's secret is surely not

Who she is, what charms she's got.

She but follows Submission's plot.

Her fate is sealed in her 'shall' lot.

Now that I have made you hot,

And I'm sure you 'Came-a-lot',

I'll tell you exactly what is what:

Behold! The Lady of Shallot.