The lyric of my heart

By ladylust

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Written on my beating heart, lyrics in perfect script,

Written on my beating heart, lyrics in perfect script,

When thoughts of you consume me, the beat so offen skips,

Confessining sins of love, my heart does offten rush,

A beauty such as yours causes my skin to blush.


My kisses upon your velvet flesh, with fire on my lips,

Longing to caress with tenderness across your thighs and hips,

Soft whispers and cries of desire fill the air above,

And deep within the body, my heart is drunk with love.


Something so perfect is your smile and your laughter makes me high,

Proving in every moment that you don’t need wings to fly,

Wrapped within your sweet embrace happily I could die,

Finding heaven in the sounds of your breathy sighs.


The ways you make feel, a miracle in itself,

My love for you in depth, is more then I can tell,

Its wraps around the world fourhundred and eightythree times,

And forever in comparison, would stand the test of time.


Deeper and wider then every ocean conbined,

Numbered more then every star that decorates the midnight sky,

More briliant then a sunrise in spring or the winter’s virgin snow,

The beauty of all of these, bow to you, my love.


You are the calm before a storm, and soothing like a summer rain,

You are the healing touch to my long suffered pain,

My heart is at rest, as your hand molds to mine,

And rushes uncontrollably when our bodies inertwine.


Lyrics turn into psalms and sonnets of my truth,

Everything ive ever wished for is found in time with you,

My heart leaps with the touch of your lips, and kisses in the dark,

Warm and bright the soul does burn, when trapped inside your arms.


Miles apart in distance, id walk them all the same,

I would gladly take the time, if the favor you did name,

For you I would do anything, of that you can be sure,

If you only ask of me, your wish would be much more.


Everyday I love you more, and more my love still grows,

Happiness iv’e found in you, like no other I had known,

Every ache my heart has suffered, just a stepping stone,

A game that I could never win, I now know I have won.