The Magic Zipper

By ArtAngel

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Tags: seduction, desire, anticipation

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”Help me Sweetheart….my zipper is stuck”

“My Pleasure”….he replied as he rushed over.

She stood timidly… afraid to breathe.

He takes in the fine texture of her skin
His hands reaches out to touch her.

The Magic Zipper slowly opens..!!

The intoxication of her scent...
Hair, skin, perfume...all blending as one,
Soft warmth awaiting the touch of his lips

Her alluring sensuous shoulder comes into view....
Ohhh the joining of mouth, skin and breath,
So light at first…kissing him softly
And just a little bit moist.
She sprinkles salt on his tongue,

The Black gown slides off with the whisper
Of her promise to the night ahead.
Naked … … she leans back against his broad shoulder,
His hands reach up to cup her breasts
As his lips caress her ear
With the words that awaken her soul.

“Let me Love you, with everything I’ve got”

He says, as his strong, rough hands
Caress the sensuous curves of her petite body.

Will this night be enough to love each other?

She knows it will……………..