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The Paper

It’s the unfolding of a new perspective…
The following is a true interaction about my beloved Stac.
How I love and adore this woman.
I do hope it encourages your heart and gives you the hope that true love should deliver to us all...

So there I was with my dearest friend,
The man who knows me like no other,
And we're just talking as we always do
About substantive things and life and love.

You know how I love to talk
And today is no different.
We're just having a good time,
Pouring into each other's lives.

There was a point when the conversation turned...
And with a smile on his face he pulls out...
The paper.

I know my face had a puzzled look.
This was so unlike him.
Normally I dictate where our conversation will go
But today, well today was going to be different.

He leans over, unfolds it and hands me the sheet.
"Before you read it, I've been thinking...
You and I have been friends for a decade now,
The closest of friends..." I smile in response.

"During that time, surprising as it might seem,
I've actually listened to you!” He laughs heartily.
“Before you is a list of everything you've told me you wanted in a woman.
This is from about three years ago...Go ahead and read it."

Great expectation floods my mind
As I take the sheet in hand and begin to read aloud.
He captured it all, every longing, every desire,
Almost every item was in contrast with the woman in my home.

I look up and into his eyes.
They are alight with joy, glowing in the pleasure of this moment.
"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.
"Is it right? Did I capture it all?" I nod slowly in agreement.

"Now I want you to do something for me."
There's always a method to his madness. I nod again.
"Put it down on the table, look at it, study it.
"Does it encompass all that you want, all that you have desired your whole life long?"

I peruse it again, all 32 lines on the page,
Each line describing in great detail all that I have shared
Over the course of years. It was perfect and I told him so.
"Are you up for this?" he asks. I nod again. Now I'm intrigued...

"Now put Stac's picture down next to the paper.
I have the same sheet in hand. Let's see how she fairs." I begin to read aloud.
She has a servant's heart...check. She's all woman...check.
She's fun and flirty and feminine...check. She's very sensual...two checks.

On and on we go, affirming, as if there was even any doubt,
That my darling woman is my perfect mate, my one in a billion match.
Every desire, every need, every longing of my heart was checked off.
This was indeed a list of my 'must haves' and she met every single one.

"Look once again at your Stac, that stunning beauty before you.
Now I want you to list for me those attributes that Stac alone possesses,
That even three years ago weren't even on your radar,
Things about her that were just too big for even you to dream up!"

As I looked down into her eyes, tears began to pool in mine.
I began to recite, item after item, who my Stac is.
"She's the most loving person I've ever met."
"She's not just a mother, she's a mentor, model and teacher for her kids."
"She dies to self to serve others, always making others more important than herself.”
“She will serve her man in the bedroom in ANY way he desires."
"She is a submissive, and in her world her husband is her Master."
On and on and on it went. It took all of two seconds to come up with my next answer.

For 50 minutes I explained the wonder of this woman I love, this woman I adore.
Finally my friend says,
"Well, if we stop here, and we have to because my hand has just begun to cramp,
We've just added 61 items to your must have list.
“It seems she's exceeded your expectations a bit, huh?" He's smiling at me.

"I want you to understand something my friend. He heard the cries of your heart.
He understood your desires and needs far more than even you did.
After all, He made you. He was the one who planted them there in the first place."
Tears were pouring down my cheeks and I began to sob.

"You see Michael, you longed for a woman.
He, in His infinite wisdom, decided that what you really needed was an angel!"

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