The Princess In Me

By TxPrincess

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Tags: princess, insecure, darkness, scared

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I am a Princess, created out of the rubble that my life became.

No one wanted me.

So deep inside I had to survive.

Out of necessity you were born.

I don’t know how, but you were mine.

You are strong, something I am not.

You are confident, something I am not.

You are worthy, something I am not.

You are a wonder, something I am not.

You are a force, something I am not.

You are not like me.

I need to be you, so I became.

The darkness was swallowing me whole.

I was scared I would disappear.

Others needed me, I knew.

How do I survive and be the one she said I would.

A princess was born, deep down inside.

I can be strong.

I can be confident.

I can be worthy.

I can be a wonder.

I can be a force.

I got those things out and I have become the Princess you all know.

It was a struggle, it was a fight.

When I remember, my world comes falling down.

I need to be reminded that I have;

A Princess in Me!

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