The Problem With Lovers

By TopThis

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It has never ever occurred to me,
that you have feelings for me, you see.
This thing that we do so damned well,
will surely cast us straight to hell. 
Although, I thought that surely you,
should have considered that prior to.

A precurser to the actual event,
and not on departure or decent.

A decision needs to be made,
is it clear I just want to get laid?
Yes, I hold you when its done...
for 2-3 minutes and just for fun.
Honestly, I mean no disrespect,
you're committed, what did you expect?

No way would I ever fall for you,
you're just a great piece of ass, boo.

See there you go, all in tears,
these feelings are not bad, dear.
It just seems that your affection,
is pointed in the wrong direction.
Bend over, get your ass in the air,
face down, knees in the chair.

I'll bang all of this back in place,
afterwards, you can sit on my face.

There, there, you feel better now?
We made a mess, you need a towel...
on second thought, get in the shower.
We've got more time, over an hour.
You just need to get this right,
I'm trying to help you see the light.

Tell me you love me fucking you deep,
don't tell me you fucking love me, eek!