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The Question Is Posed

He asks his lover what she wants…
I’m laying by your side
One arm slid under your back
My fingers are circling and teasing
Your sensitive, responsive nipple

I draw the warm nub to my lips
And my tongue pets lightly
Over the delicate flesh
Until a low moan escapes your lips

I look to your eyes
And you’ve beaten me there
Your lovely lights
Have captured your man

I love the sexy scene before me
The way your chest rises and falls
The ultimate warmth of your skin
Its utter velvety softness…

We are naked
Completely exposed
Openly vulnerable
And our hearts dance in the delight of it all

“So…” I begin with a pregnant pause
My lips join yours
And my tongue slips inside
As I pull you ever closer to me

“Do you want to make love?” I ask
My playful tone broadens your already big smile
I can tell you’re wondering where I’m going
“Or…or what?” you ask breathlessly

As I cup your neck in my hand
I roll you right on top of me
I can feel the dampness of your treasure
As it camps above my stomach

Your hands are on my shoulders
As your breasts teasingly sway above me
Until you take hold of one of them
And feed the hard nipple between my lips

My excitement is evident
I’m practically drilling a hole in your thigh
While I suckle on your beauty
I flick the head of my shaft through your dripping lips

Your eyes close as I tap on your hard nub
Then roll myself on top of you
“So, do you want to make love
Or do you want to be fucked?”

You’re response can barely be heard
As you look up lovingly at me
You’ve taken my shaft in your tiny hand
And poised it at your velvety sex

“Make love to me baby
I want to feel your passion!” you whisper
As your other hand reaches for my ass cheek
And draws me deep inside of you

It takes but moments
For our orgasmic moans to fill the air
The wonder and ecstasy of our union
Causes our bodies to quake and tremble almost uncontrollably

“I love the feel of you inside me” you moan
Just as I begin to fall from your warmth
Then I hear “I’ll take care of that!”
And seconds later my shaft is surrounded by your mouth

You are a master at this
This art, this skill of sucking cock!
Soon I’m as hard as ever
And we are both are ready for another go

You are an amazing lover
The kind of woman that dreams are made of
And I absolutely love what you do to me
But I’m surprised as I watch you rise and walk to the closet

Still puzzled, I watch as you slip on your 4” heels
You smile as you walk back
It’s the kind of smile that men go to war over
Then you face the wall, your hands pressing up high against it

Soon you spread your legs, arch your back, and raise your ass high in the air
Your hair flies as you turn back toward me
Once again with the sexiest damn smile on your face
“Now baby! Now I want to be fucked!!!”

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