The Ruination of Sarah

By sluttykitty85

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Sarah lets go
Its been two weeks
Filled with glances and grazes
Tension taints our every encounter
I dream of your hands on me
Sliding over me
Writhing under you
Your lips are seduction
And your touch ruin
But if I have to contaminate the image
I’d rather you be the source
Its been a long day
Everyone else is gone home
I walk out of my office
I see you two doors down
Casual is my goal
Smooth and casual
As if I do this every day
Walking past man candy
My hips sway
My heels click
I get within a foot of you
Then the lockers are behind me
You are against me
Hard against soft
I feel the calluses on your hands
Under my dress
Going higher
Higher still
You have a hand fisted in my hair

Its almost painful, but I think
I think I like it
Your seduction leaves a trail of hot kisses
A burning path
You’ve found my center
My sweet womanhood
Never touched just so
I’m going to explode
But I can’t move an inch
I’m between the cold metal
And the heat of you
Those calluses circle
I’ll never think of them without thinking of this
I have to hold on to you
Otherwise I’d be on the floor
Not that I’d mind that either
I’m just not ready to give up this pleasure
That skilled seduction slides across my lips
Then down
So far down
Under the pretty flowered cotton of my dress
Ruin felt so good
Tracing contours
Exploring depth
Sweet pressure
My hips venture forward
Met by a hot tongue
Stroke one, up
Stroke two, down
A rhythm is set
I near closer
And closer still
Heated by you
Ignited and volatile
As the canyon approaches
Up you come
Upwards still
Face to face
I see the evidence of your travels
That skilled tongue removes all record
The calluses are back
Circular still
I’m beyond coherent thought
You near me
Let it go you say
Let it all go
And cum