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By Min_Farrjones

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Tags: rejoice, remorse, recluse, redemption, release, love, lust, sexuality, honesty, heardache

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Aria 1: Rejoice

Scarred spirits converge
Burning whirlpool of molten lust
Affecting, a comforting surge
Mound on mound, feels so just

Scars heal, lets love emerge
Mental orgasms blow away rust
Tenderness and rejoice to the verge
Leaping, lifting and flying we must

Swirling and twirling in urge
Subconscious peaks, a hint of distrust
Feelings and secrets scourge
Thumbling back towards earth’s crust

Aria 2: Remorse

Fearfull free fall, what will be lost
Lustfull lady stripped, illusion bare
Lamenting lord begging to accost
Clawing up in full dispair

Hitting ground, crashed and tossed
On his back, shaking head to focus stare
High up she is, his star in frost
Whispers about, he’ll no longer care

Crawling on knees, feelings glossed
Numb in remorse, his maiden so fair
Head bent low, with his hands embossed
Again his soul solely wanders life’s fair

Aria 3: Recluse

Lord turns poet to vent on his own
Pondering and wondering, what if
Impressions weaving, poems sewn
Birds feather scratching glyph

Writing in blood, wailful and alone
Back bend and broken, taking the biff
Her rays of compassion, his moan
Writing and scribling all in a whiff

In his recluse, sitting on his throne
Ruling land disappeared off cliff
Wanting her lust but that is gone
Her love remains, pure spiff

Aria 4: Redemption

Confiding again, resisting searing sun
Angel pushes, her words evangelic
Braking down mental prison
Whispers about, secrets made public

People consoling, no longer forlorn
Discovering friends, no longer exilic
Heart starting to heal, no longer torn
Communal acceptance, no longer diabolic

His star still shines, feeling reborn
Their love no longer melancholic
Their love eternal, for ever sworn
Redemption turned sexual lust archaic

Aria 5: Release

Poet arises, peering about
Hearts desire, burning still
Release required, black out
Lust full rage without any shill

Angel divine, helps with doubt
Union made in all good will
Release facilitated, so devout
Sexual tension again can spill

Revering his star to not bale out
Their love platonic and still
Release in truth can now branch out
His heart no longer crushed by the mill