The Sorrow of Loss

By Milik_the_Red

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Now matter how much you may need to, it is never easy to call it over
In the misty time of memories past
She touched heart and made me laugh
In love’s embrace for sorrows fast
I should have know it could never last

  A year flew by in happiness
A second followed in total bliss
But by the third it had gone amiss
as our love slid into the dark abyss

  I closed my eyes and held my breath
I refused to see our loves slow death
She threw her barbs in twisted jest
And drowned me in her selfishness

  In desperation to turn the tide
I bought her gifts and tamed my pride
But the glacial cold of that which died
Froze our bed and chilled my hide.

  So now I’m sickened to my soul
Of how I allowed it to unfold
But most of all I hate the toll
Of the pain I gave her to end it all.

  ‘Cause despite my anger and chagrin
I’ll still love her to the end
I dream of days that might have been
And my heart still aches to be her friend