The Sunshine of Your Love

By Mazza

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Tags: love, healing, forgotten, growth, thanks

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Thank you for your love

The glow of bright rays on my closed eyelids,

Gently caresses my face and the tears evaporate.

Your love lights up my face and brings a smile

Turning up lips and eliminating the pout.


As the warmth of your love touches every part of me,

Caressing my naked skin, stroking my hair,

I feel lighter, safer, loved and protected

Safe in the knowledge that I am in your thoughts.


Like the sun, you want nothing from me and as I gaze upon you,

Adoring you, storing your energy the for long dark nights ahead,

The nightmares diminish as your glow chases them away.

The shadows are gone, hunted by your brilliance.


You make me feel happy, lifted and nourished.

In the radiance of your love, I know that I am safe.

I know you will not hurt me, you only wish to nurture.

You light up my day as the golden orb brightens the heavens.


As the sun gives the moon the power to shine in the night sky

Your love illuminates me and I shine once more, because of you.


Thank you