The Taste of Chocolate

By VanGogh

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a few women who have loved chocolate in some form or another ...
The Taste of Chocolate

The allure of chocolate
Sweet to the nose and the tongue
Captured the minds and hearts
Of women a far

There once was a bad girl
Who consumed chocolate
In many long obscene binges
In the late lush hours

There was also a milf
Who tried hard not to taste
The addictive chocolate
While holding her blackberry

Who will be the next
To succumb to the rapture
Of melting chocolate on their tongue
While sharing erotic adventures

Wrapped up in dog leashes and
The faint fragrance of Jimmy Choo
While her man is away
She unwrapped the chocolate

Careful now!
Chocolate is so very plush
Yet it eventually melts
And all that is left is the memory

The wrapper will be discarded
Like a used condom
The Devil’s chocolate devours and devoured
With traces left on your lips to lick

The allure of chocolate
Is like the sweet sounds of Glitch Mob’s
Between Two Points
And it too, will slowly fade away and end