The Vacuum Cleaner of Love

By Shylass

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Tags: lover, sexy, god, vacuumcleaner, acorn, lovepocket

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For my sweet darling lover, whom I shall love forever. Even Frank_Lee could not express such desire.
This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.

You are the sunshine that lights up my soul.
I need your light and warmth to grow.
I crave your arms around me like
A sexy poor servant girl needs a strong cloak in winter.
I am poor without you making me rich like a queen.
Please make my thrupenny bits golden with your heat.

My two heaving breasts go up and down
As I gasp in and out at the thought of you.
They are like two jellyfish that are side by side,
And wobbling together like
They are trying to kiss just like we do.

I open my wanton legs to show you my love pocket
Where I wish you would stick your love money
Like a fistful of dollars into a sack.
My legs are open wide, and my really wet pussy
Wants to suck you in like a vacuum cleaner of love.

Your massive member is like a mighty oak trunk
With a throbbing purple acorn at the top of it,
As exciting and magical as the star at the top of my Christmas tree.
I want you to thrust it into my love cave,
Into my valley of desire that is streaming with my juicy mixture.
And I want to feel the bushy branches of your pubes
Brushing my bare, shaven pussy mound.

When you put your huge length inside me,
I feel as full as a sexy egg
And I love you so much that I wish
You could make love to me all day and every day.
I am incomplete without you,
And you make me whole.

My juicy hole needs filling with your big erection,
And I wish you could stay inside me forever.
Your smile is everything that I need
And your penis make me happy too.
I want to be your only girl
And let you play tunes with my body
Like a musician with lots of instruments.
I will blow your trumpet if you let me,
And you can strum me into Heaven.

You are my sexy love god
And I am your willing servant.
I give myself to you completely naked,
Like a nude statue which has come to life, but much softer.
I need you every day and
I will make you happy with all of my being
Because I totally, completely, utterly, deeply
Am in love with you, my sexy lover.

Nobody will ever stop me loving you
Because I will hunt them down and show them
How much better I love you than they do,
Because I love you more than they ever could, my darling.
They said we would never be together
And that you would never want me,
But we will show them every time you make love to me.

I love you now and always, to eternity and back, and back again, sexy lover.

Love from your Nommy Peach, always and always. xxx

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.