The way you make me feel

By Eternal_Lover

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When you cross my mind, I smile within. 

When you come online, I jump up and down.

When you chat to me, I feel precious.

When you talk to me, I acquire love.

When you express how you love me, my heart melts. 

When you utter “I am yours”, I am gifted with most expensive present.

When you claim “you are mine”, my ears relish the nectar.

When you call me husband, my heart beats fast.

When you are happy, I experience the joy.

When you are emotional, my heart becomes soft.

When you are sad, tears fill my eyes.

When you look at me, my face turns into a smiley.

When you come close to me, my arms spread wide open.

When you sit close to me, I find peace.

When you cuddle me, I become your baby.

When you hold me tight, my mind merges with yours.

When you touch me with your fingers, my body shivers.

When you sleep with me, I dream heaven.

When you snuggle with me, I am delighted.

When you pat me, I am pacified.

When you run your fingers through my hair, my mind is stress free.

When you kiss me, my eyes close automatically.

When you nibble my ears, my hair stands on end.

When you touch my lips, my lips open to kiss your hand.

When you pull me close to you, my thoughts mix with yours.

When you stroke my back, I am relaxed.

When you lick my neck, I feel naughty.

When you arouse me, I feel erotic.

When you make love to me, I am extremely hot.

When you hug me, I am wrapped in satisfaction.

When you whisper “I love you”, my soul is in total bliss.