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The Wedding Dance

One couple's wedding night dance
He's driving with his bride
Freshly minted today
Looking for their motel
It's along the way.

Hurry, darling, I'm tired
Up since yester morn
I want to last for you
I'm so tired and worn.

He sees the sign
It's just a little ahead
Into the lot they drive
Then to lobby he sped.

He checks at the desk
A face full of kisses
He signs the register
First time, Mr. and Mrs.

They parked the car
They went to their room
His wife would be his
And perhaps very soon.

He picks her up
And through the door
Puts her down softly
One kiss, maybe more.

He gets their bags
And brings them in
Tonight they are ready
For an evening of sin.

She said to him
Dear excuse me please
I must freshen up
Wedding night, you see.

She takes her bag
The restroom she goes
She must get ready
To please him, she knows.

He takes out his bag
And then very soon
Twelve little red candles
Are lit round the room.

He takes off his clothes
There's no more need worry
They will be one tonight
There's no rush, no hurry.

She comes into the room
White lacy gown he spied
Every curve in her form
Not much does it hide.

Three little steps to him
The gown is on the floor
Only three little steps
It is needed no more.

He picks her up again
Places her on the bed
A vision of beauty
This girl he has wed.

He pulls off her panties
With a style and a grace
He looks down at her
A smile on his face.

Crawling up from the foot
He sees something so fine
He lowers his head abit
Then begins to dine.

He remains there a while
She moans and she coo's
Please dear a little more
A little more will do.

Her breathing is heavier
Her hands on his head
She gives a soft shudder
Tonight their wedding bed.

He moves a little closer
Spies breast one and two
He has to stop a moment
To just relish the view.

His right hand on her left
His left hand on her right
He looks at the twins
What a glorious sight.

Thumbs on both nipples
One thumb twirling right
The other one to the left
She is pleased tonight.

He takes a minute or two
To tongue each nipple round
Enjoying each one once
While making a sucking sound.

While play with her breasts
His manhood did her touch
Resting in her clean slit
It was almost too much.

Are you ready now
For our wedding dance?
You could still back out
This is your last chance.

The band wants to go
You're last on my card
So be gentle my husband
Please, don't be too hard.

He presses gently to her
Her hand guides him in bed
Soon he stops at a point
He feels her maidenhead.

A little push, he is through
On her face is a frown
It hurt a little, she says
Now push it farther down.

Bit by bit he enters her
Further and further he went
Into her warmth he felt
Trying not to be spent.

She felt him filling her
Filling her more and more
She feels complete now
Unlike her feelings before.

Their rhythm picks up
They match their thrusts
They're sweating now
They're feeling their lust.

He feels a slight tremor
From his wife below
Then another came again
This one not as slow.

Her face was angelic
She watches him and cried
He was trying harder now
He was now deep inside.

She felt his cock grow
Then the shock, as it were
She felt him pumping
His seed deep within her.

Both were spent tonight
They hugged and gave a kiss
A night to remember
They did not want to miss.

Soon her arm fell to the bed
And her breathing was slow
He looked at her face
She was asleep now below.

He watches his bride
But only for a moment
He backs out slowly
His tool totally spent.

With towel damp and warm
He wipes her sex clean
With a dry towel too
No more evidence is seen.

The candles he blew out
Till just one was lit
He turns her to her side
On the bed he now sits.

Pulling the cover up
And over his bride
Blows the last one out
Then lies by her side.

Now spooning with her
Tween her cheeks his lance
Asleep they are together
Done is their wedding dance.

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