The Wood

By TigersBlood

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Tags: fantasy, unfulfilled desire

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For the one I want to posses... but never will.

my nightly spectre, flight of reason
craving your caress
drowning in the reverie
of what i can't posses
i wander naked through the wood
enchanted by your scent
roving eyes and panting mouth
aroused beyond consent
i find you prostrate on a tree
your skin is bare and taut
i lightly stroke your face, your chest
your sex consumes my thoughts

our eyes are locked
a lustful craze inebriates the air
your hands upon my aching breasts
and wrapped up in my hair
my fingers grasp around your shaft
burning in my hand
a current born of tidal waves
now shakes the place we stand
our mouths converge and procreate
an unsung melody
of twisting pain, and lust contained
in empty fantasy

now lay me down, chest to ground
my face entrenched in clover
and cover me with kisses sweet
ensnared by my aroma
knead my buttocks, spread my thighs
touch me, hear my moaning
coveting your hardness now
eliciting your groaning
your fingers dance around my hole
draw liquid from the fountain
suckling my offering
your rod obsessed with mounting

i turn my curves toward your form
my need to taste abounding
and clasp my lips around your cock
the source within you pounding
your face is buried in my flower
the gaping petals weeping
with tears of passion dripping down
intoxicating feeling
my open throat absorbs your length
sucking nectar blow by blow
your tongue is hot, deliberate
drinking, probe by probe

now i want your soul, your eyes
your mind connected, fused with mine
lay your body, face to face
and plunge within my heavenly place
pushing through the veil of doubt
to find my ardour crying out
legs are clenching, wrapped on hips
carnal growls escaping lips
deeper, fucking flesh on fire
screaming out concealed desire
rapturous expletives echo
through the dreams of our tomorrow