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Thinking of You

Watching the days go by,

without you in my touch,

has me missing you even more.

I long for the day you’re back in my arms,

holding me as you smooth the hair out my face,

kissing me gently.

Those tender moments are what I miss the most.

I look at the pictures on my bedroom mirror,

remembering those times of us smiling and playing around.

I hate when I miss you this much

because it feels like a hole has been placed in my stomach.

I miss you so bad that sometimes I can’t even function.

I know you said you’d be away for just a few days,

but it feels as if it’s an eternity.

I miss those days when you would hold me

and tell me that you love me without stumbling

and would look deeply into my eyes.

I go to bed tonight, thinking of you,

wondering what you’re up to.

Are you thinking of me?

Do you wonder what I’m doing right now?

I change into my silk nightgown as I lay down to rest.

You appear once again in my mind like an image of an angel.

I try to sleep, but my thoughts of you are too deeply involved.

I lie on my back with my eyes closed,

thinking of the time we first made love.

It was passionate, but fiery at the same time.

My hands travel down my neck, thinking of you kissing me there.

You swirled your tongue down my chest

as you move on to take one of my breast in your mouth.

I touch my hardened nipple as I moan out softly in your absence.

I wish it was you here doing this to me

and hearing me moan for you,

but for now I’d have to make do with all the memories I have.

I think of you as my hands go lower,

touching past my bikini line to my clit,

slowly rubbing it to recreate the effect you had on me that night,

driving me insane.

The sight of you licking my wet pussy,

lubricating it for the entering of your hard cock.

I dip one finger inside me

as I think about the smooth way you plunged deep inside me,

filling my walls with your man meat.

You pump in and out slowly at first building up the arousal for me,

then moving faster as yours is beginning to peak.

I stick in two more fingers to satisfy my sexual hunger for you

and move my fingers in and out with more intensity

as I’m on the edge of orgasm.

I have one last thought of you as you cum,

your beautiful face scrunched up

your muscles tightening around your arms,

your loud grunt and panting as you come down from ecstasy.

Feeling your hot cum fill my pussy

and mix with my juices set me off into my own orgasm,

bring me up to heaven and back again slowly.

My back arches, my body bucks wildly,

still coming down from the orgasm.

My face feels hot and my body is sweating.

I look around for you,

but I come to the quick realization that you’re not around.

My heart suddenly fills with sadness again

as I cry myself to sleep.

I hope you will still love me when you come back to see me again.

I go to sleep, dreaming, still thinking of you.

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