Thinking of You

By DLizze

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a little doggerel for a special friend
I was thinking of you today
In words I prob’ly shouldn’t say.
Or, if said, just in a hush
Because they’d make most people blush.

Or maybe Yiddish; what the heckie
Say I was playing with my schmeckie.
And though you’re really far away,
I still want to jump your bones today.

And now I’m growing such a stalk
If I stand up, I can not walk.
I'll keep poking into things:
The backs of chairs, and table wings.

So I'd better stay abed and play
Imagining you in every way;
Riding as reverse cowgirl,
Or giving doggie style a whirl.

Whatever way we get it done
We both know it'd be such fun
We wouldn’t want to ever end
So let’s fuck forever, my best friend.