This Chain

By Bunny12

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Tags: Lost Love, Chain

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Your collar is empty but I still hold this chain;
Without you around nothing is the same.

I long for my sexy lost pet;
I am stuck I can’t seem to take a step.

The one that I loved is no more;
Did he really exist, the one I adored?

Vanished into a different life;
Sweet memories of him cut like a knife.

Melancholy and bitter sweet;
Torn over the fact we didn’t get to meet.

And how he could say such a cruel goodbye;
He just didn’t trust me, didn’t even try.

Here I stand with this chain constricting my heart;
The emptiness growing the longer we are apart.

I am waiting for his memory to fade away;
But it seems to get brighter with each passing day.

Reminders are constantly in my face;
Taunting and teasing that empty place.

He always dreamed of wearing my collar and chain;
With anyone else it will never be the same…..