This Moment

By _chica_

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Something we all want to hear... at this moment.
At this moment 
I deposit 
in my soul 
these words 

words that live 
forever tattooed 
in my heart 
and in my mind 

because if they only reside 
in my mind 
I run the risk 
of them being forgotten 

and if you are in my heart 
there they never fade 
I know you loved me 
I know you did 

I know I am 
the most important 
thing in your life 
because you've shown me so 

I admit that I loved you 
and you have been valuable 
and precious in my life 
I have felt it 

Felt it 
when you wrapped me 
in your arms 
and in my most precious parts 

But that was yesterday 
and yesterday's gone 
Gone into the wind 
your caresses 

this is the perfect time 
to ask you 
a few simple questions 

Do you love me? 
What do you feel today? 
Where is your mind? 
Where is your heart? 

Pronounce those words 
that are part of yesterday 
because I need to hear 
them here today 

in this moment 
in which I uttered 
the sweetest words 
which I adore 

"Today I love" 
this I feel in my heart 
my whole being vibrated 
and rejoiced 

with happiness 
as your desire 
is more announced 
to me a moment more