Thoughts On Alone

By DLizze

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Tags: friends, love, trust

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Most of the time

I’m happy living alone.

But sometimes I think

It’d be nice to come home

To someone who cared.

Someone to cuddle

To love and to hold

To nurse when she’s sick

And to warm when she’s cold.

To stroke till she ‘d purr

Like a nice kitty cat

Or we’d sit at the table

And just have a long chat.

We’d stand at the sink

And wash dishes together

And look out the window

And remark on the weather.

To be friendly with

And occasionally read to.

And often we’d talk,

And sometimes we’d argue.

And sometimes we’d go

To bed just to sleep.

But others we’d fuck

(I’d go in hard and deep)

And sometimes we’d be tender

And slowly make love

With my member inside her

As snug as a glove.

But I come back to earth

And know this is a must:

I can’t ask for those things

Till I re-learn how to trust.