Three Words

By VanGogh

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Tags: love, muse, re-connection

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Set in the future when things are different.
He’s alone, but she’s not.
She’s always been afraid
of ending up with nothing
and so,
she made her choices.

He doesn’t want
to put her through
more pain
if she’s really happy.

There’s a lot he’s willing to sacrifice
for her,
but her happiness
is not one of them.

So on a plain piece of paper
in his own hand
he writes those three words,
"come for me".

He tells her
that if she wants
everything he has to offer,
she only need say
those words
and he promises
to come for her,
though hell should bar the way.

And there he leaves the words,
with a prayer,
on a note filled with hope,
not despair.

Time passes and she’s unsure.
She visits her sister
who has always offered
sage advice.

Days pass with reflection.
One beautiful evening
by the Lake,
under the stars,
with a sweet summer’s
evening breeze,
she takes a
deep cleansing breath,
filling her with peace and clarity.

And her decision
is made.
They have wasted
enough time apart.
Too much time apart.
She types a text message
on her phone and hesitates only slightly
before pressing send.

He’s in his downtown apartment
about to put
another band-aid
on loneliness
when he hears
the phone vibrate on his desk.

Her hair is black,
the bed is white
and the night is young
as she beckons him forth.
“Just a second.” he says
as he makes a detour
to the desk.
Read New Message Now? Yes/No? Yes.
Come for me. Options / Call Sender.
Ring. Hello. "Are you sure?" he says.
She is crying softly, yes.
"Where are you?" he asks.
She says she is at her sister's.
The devil has slipped
out of her black dress.
"Coming to bed?" the devil purrs.
He responds with
"Someone needs me, you have to go."
His attention
returns to the phone.
"Babe, what's the address?"
She tells him its late,
to come in the morning,
giving him
the address by the Lake.

With a GPS navigation,
a Mercedes E55
and a will fueled by love
and adrenaline make
a powerful combination.

At 4am,
the xenon headlights
of the black sedan
cross the white blacktop rabbit.
Depeche Mode has kept him company
and a radar detector
has saved him several tickets.

Knock. Knock.

A light turns on.

The door opens.
He says, "Hello.
You must be Vicky.
Is she here?"
Yes, her sister nods.
"May I come in?"
The door opens up
to admit him.

Down to the end of the hall,
he gets to a door,
opens it quietly and
sees his Muse
in the large bed,
all tousled and relaxed
and warm.

He pulls off his leather jacket,
and undresses.
As he lifts the quilt up
to slide in,
she awakens,
and opens her arms wide
to embrace him.