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Through These Broken Eyes

This is my first story. Comments advice are very welcome. Please enjoy! X

I gaze at you as you sleep soundly beside me, bathed in the soft light.

I watch you take gentle breaths and lean closer just to hear the soft sigh of air leave your lips and I look at you properly.


I focus on your eyes. Those green eyes that can wordlessly tell me a million things with just a glance, they can tell me your mad at me or that you need me. They can cause me to go weak when you give me that smouldering look I know so well that tells me you want me, right now. And every day they tell me that you love me.


Your lips are slightly parted now, It stirs a desire in me to kiss them softly, those perfect lips that kiss me ever so sweetly when I need to be loved yet crush mine so hard when I need to be fucked. They can bring my world to a stop when they whisper those three little words to me and they can cause me to tremble when you moan in ecstasy right next to my ear. Those lips would tell me everything I need to hear, they can tell me anything but lies.


I pull the covers back slightly and reveal your chest, your hairy, manly chest that I love to trail my fingers over, I stroke up to your shoulders and upper arms. I love the strength and power that lies here in your upper body. I love how you can envelope me with your powerful arms and just hold me when I need it and I feel like the safest person alive yet you use those same arms to pin my hands above my head when your being rough with me in bed and showing me who’s in charge.


I see your fingers twitch as you dream. Oh God, the magic those fingers can work on me! They stroke my face tenderly but they pinch and tease at my nipples. They trail down my body, exploring me, with time and effort or they can rake across my skin roughly, digging in. They can play with me gently, softly stroking at my clit or they can push my legs apart and plunge deeply straight inside of me, touching me where I need it most.


I don’t need to pull the covers any further to know what lies underneath them. I close my eyes and think of the ways you use your cock to tease me and make me moan in pleasure. I think of how you can make me feel so loved when you tenderly make love to me, sliding yourself into me slowly but not teasing, kissing me constantly. I think how you keep me on edge for ages, making me tremble as you thrust yourself into me, passionately, grabbing at my hips as you thrust forward again, making me feel so wanted, and I tremble as I think of how you fuck me. Hard and fast, making me moan loudly, making me feel needed.


I gaze at you as you sleep soundly beside me, bathed in the soft light.

My God how I love you.

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