Tied up in Ecstasy

By SirBunny

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Tags: passion, longing, lust

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You stand there, dripping, all tied up, leaving me with so many places to go.

Blindfolded, your senses heightened. You squirm in your restraints, not wanting to be free.

My mouth begins to water as I drop to my knees, I can smell your moistness, but I want to taste.

My breath on your snatch makes you quiver and you moan, wanting me to want more.

I kiss your clit gently, then let my tongue lick your lips and taste your sweet nectar.

I lose myself between your legs as you get lost in ecstasy.

Slowly I move my lips up your body, not missing an inch.

Your nipples are hard and greet my mouth with longing and lust.

Your body is vibrating under my touch, you can't hold on too long, I can feel your passion building,

like a volcano ready to explode. You want me to fuck you now, but I don't.

I whisper in your ear and you moan, trying to hold yourself back.

I reach down to your sopping cunt, rub your clit and suck your nipples.

You can't take much more so I rub your clit with my cock and slowly slide it in.

Long slow thrusts make you scream arching your body as you beg for the pleasure not to stop.

"Yes, Yes, Oh God, Yes!" I pinch your nipples as I ram my cock quicker and deeper into your cunt,

I can feel you cumming.

I whisper into your ear again, "cum on my cock", and instantly you gush as your orgasm takes control of your body and your mind.

My shaft is swallowed up and my cum fills your pussy, our juices mixing as you slowly relax,

Your body spent.

You stand there, dripping, all tied up, not wanting to be free.