Time Out

By Navin

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A poem for you.
Walking down the jetway

A million emotions churning

Anticipating our first face to face

As I step into the terminal

Scanning the crowd

I see a silly cardboard sign

“Hiya Wes”

I laugh out loud

My eyes lock onto your angelface

Both of us smiling widely

Only we know the inside joke

I nearly trip over my carry-on

Rushing into your arms

We embrace like long-time lovers

Hugs, kisses, smiles, giggles, and even more kisses

Before we come up for air

We know neither of us should be here

But it is a one-time experience we need to have

A time out from reality

That just has to be

It was inevitable


So wrong, but so right

The promise of sand between our toes

Gentle breezes

The sun warming our bones from a long winter

Our bodies clinging for warmth

A stolen weekend

Away from cares and worries

Just us

Just two days of complete bliss

And then I wake up smiling

The time out is over until my next dream of you