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To Dream Again

A lover yearns and dreams of his girlfriend.
My darling...

Distance separates us.
Vast mass of land stands between you and I-
But it seems the world forgets the raging desires only a man can feel.
I mourn your absence
With dedicated silence.
I have no choice...
You are not here.

Only the reassurance of my right hand reminds me I am still human...
And once spent...
I drift. Mind and soul into you...

I wake.
Turn over and my arm lands on soft flesh-
You must've crept in.
You sleep so peacefully as I watch your nakedness rise and fall
To the heartbeat of my awakening desire...
But my heart overtakes your breathing.
And I cannot but help trace a finger down your curves...

Over your hipbone...

Onto your pubic bone...

And back up to your collarbone.

You stir.
A soft moan escapes your lips as they part-
The world pauses-
The night sighs and takes you in under its own moonlight.

You put nature's greatest wonders to shame- and she knows it.

You lean into me,
Your soft breast pressing curiously against my chest,
Skin burning mine as the heat between us awakens, shakes out its fiery feathers
And settles to watch and wait for it's moment.

Because Passion comes to those who know how to harness it...
How to tame the beast of Lust
And use it well.

I lean in, whisper my intentions in your ear
As my lips then trace delicate patterns on your shoulder.
Grazing my teeth slightly over the surface
I do not stop untill I feel you shudder beneath my touch.

Once more my hand traces down your body...
So slowly...
So intentionally that I feel every little goosebump
And as my hand folds over your intimacy,
A burst of musky feminine desire informs me of my success so far.

You are wet, my girl...

For me.

Another moan escapes your lips as your arms wrap around my neck,
Your eyelashes tickle my cheeks and your sweet breath
Stains my skin with the sin of Lust.

And my fingers...
Weave out the tiny threads of pleasure,
Taking your breath and using it as fuel to feed the raging desire inside myself.

You writhe. You squirm next to me,
And I press my body onto yours, my manhood squashed and pulsating
On your groin whilst I plant tiny little kisses on your breasts.

Teasing the nipples to a rosebud, I draw out every drop of desire-
I do not rest until I feel it.
Damp and warm between your legs.

And then I enter.
Passion ruffles her feathers once more,
Eyes us with a beady eye and flexes her talons....
Just as I move into you.
Our souls merged.
A moment captured in a simple movement-
We are joined, my darling.

So let me ride you,
Let me rock you into the slumber of satisfaction only I can give you...
Let me cover your skin with the dew of Lust-
Taint your perfections with something so....
So sinfully right.

And finally...
As our bodies entwine on the ironically white sheets,
She, Passion, dives steeply,
Hits our limits and bursts in an explosion of uncontrollable extacy
Upon our foreheads.

I wake.

Light probes under my eyelids
And I turn.

My arm hits the cold bedsheets next to me
As the stark morning light mocks my tired mind.

And I moan...

I sigh with lover's sweat on my brow-
It was a dream.
A vision...
A promise of what I shall do with you when Time allows us to meet again.

But only a promise.

Unreachable for now...

I roll over and close my eyes and moan aloud,

"Oh... to dream again..."

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