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to my lover, all the ways you make me cum

I have an amazing, skilled lover who gives me multiple, glorious orgasms!
How do I cum for thee?

Let me count the ways.


when you kiss me
slide your perfect hands all over my body
the anticipation builds.

I feel desire pool in my belly as my breasts swell
my nipples tighten.

I feel my panties
(or thighs, if I'm not wearing any!)
get damp as my pussy lips and little clit swell.

every time I move
every brush of your body
or hands,
sends tingles through me.

When you circle your fingers on my clit--something only YOU do the way I like--
just the right pressure
right movement--
I feel myself gathering, ready to cum.

Then you thrust your fingers in me...
to just the right place..
finding my g-spot unerringly.

I can feel the orgasm hovering...
a pressure that needs released...

it flows
an overwhelming rush

I canfeel myself clenching your fingers
I can feel your palm fill with my wetness.


when you lick me
lapping up my wet pussy
sucking on my clit
thrusting your tongue in me
using your whole mouth to love my entire pussy

I feel a long, liquid pull inside me.
Like you're sucking the orgasm out of me.

It builds in waves
making me move my hips
trying to squirm closer to you.

when you look up at me, your brown eyes showing your desire,
your mouth busy on me,
your hands holding my hips
or putting pressure on my lower belly (I really like that),

I feel the orgasm slide through me.
It's a long, slow wave
that crests gently
crashing over me
pulling me deeper into desire and need.


when you lie on top of me
our hands linked
our faces so close
I can taste you, breathe your breath

you slide into me, I feel like we are one.
every little pulse of your thick dick
every twinge that goes through you
echoes on my sensitive walls.

when you gasp into my mouth, I feel my pussy clench in response.
when your eyes grow deep with desire, I soften around you, welcoming you deeper.
when you move with me,

our bodies in that ancient rhythm,
the one that makes it seem that we've done this before,
lifetimes before,
over and over,

I feel a sense of completeness...
as if my pleasure is quietly beaming out of me in a soft red glow.

That is what I see when I cum this way...
a pulsing red warmth of tenderness,
of love,
as if the whole universe were celebrating with us.

it is at once gentle and earth shaking.
it takes me out of me.
into us.


when you push my ankles up to your shoulder
and fuck me deep
your dick hitting the very innermost part of me

I shatter.
over and over.

you need only stay there
letting me move against you

I cum as if a button were being pushed.

until the orgasms blend together.
until I cannot think.
cannot move.
cannot see.
cannot speak.
cannot breathe.
cannot stop cumming.

All I know is you.


when you fuck me hard from behind
hands on my hips
holding me spread wide to accommodate you

I cum in sharp, hard spurts.

each time you thrust in me
I feel the shock radiate inside me
then build as you slide out
only to explode again.

it is disorientating...I have to grab onto something--
the bed
the counter
the chair
--to anchor myself in reality as I come apart around you again

and again
screaming your name
begging for more.

I can come over and over this way
each orgasm a separate, staccato note
of purest pleasure.


when you slide your dick in my ass
it hurts.

but not to the point of pain.
to the dangerous, addictive edge of pain
where the pleasure is so intense it makes me catch my breath.

it is an invasion.
I feel stretched and open and vulnerable.

and I love it.
and when you move in me
it is as if every nerve in my body is electrified

ready to fire
ready to explode.

when you then touch my clit
when you cum within me

I shatter.

it is jagged
and hard
and it hurts

so very

I go outside of myself,
shuddering and spent.

and now...
writing this...

I am soft
and open
and wet

and ready for you to make me cum in any of those ways...

or all of them....

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