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To My One True Love

I finally know what all those silly love songs are about - thanks to you
I lay my shattered twisted heart at your feet, and look into your soft, welcoming eyes.

Those who came before you all promised to keep it safe and protect it; followed only by repeated blows to my safety and security for nothing more than their entertainment and amusement.

I was merely a toy, something to bide their time with and toss away like garbage when they were through with me.

I cannot hide my fear, for even though I know you are not like the others, I am guarded.

A heart guarded from pain often can show love, but it can never be given freely until it has been released.

Day by day, you melt my resolve. Your kisses fill me with warmth I have longed for, sought out for over a decade.

Your touch awakens feelings within me I had forgotten even existed.

The love I see in your eyes tells me I am safe here.

Here, the place that is not my official home, but the place I feel welcomed, loved, and protected in.

The place where you are, and I long to be for as long as you’ll have me.

The place I rush to, and despise leaving unless you are with me.

I am beginning to understand and trust how different you are.

I always heard, when you meet the one, you’ll know. I thought they were joking.

Time after time I met the one; the one for right now, never the one for always.

It was always I like you but, and you’re amazing but, I could love you if; and never good enough.

Then you walked into my life.

This time is different, I know it already.

You love me for me, flaws and all. You ask nothing in return but my love.

The walls come down, the fear subsides, love is all there is.

I am no longer alone. I have someone who sees the beauty deep inside and overlooks the impetuous little girl who is learning to love again.

I have found the someone to put all the pieces of my broken heart back together, save for one. That one special piece in the middle he replaced with part of his own broken heart.

I promise to keep that piece of you safe and protected no matter what comes our way. I finally understand what they mean by true love. I see it every time I look in your eyes. I want to see it every day possible for the rest of my life, if you’d have me.

I leave my heart open and unguarded to you, with no strings or expectations; it is yours for the taking.
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