To My Sweet love

By michaels6741

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Dedicated to the one that made my life complete.
I walked alone in the darkness

My heart was cold and filled with sadness

Anger and despair were my only companions

Love had left me hurt and alone

The pain was a weight like a stone

I carried my burden in silence

For no one would care to hear my prayer

I prayed before sleep every night

That someday there would be light

I made so many mistakes in the past

Thought I found love, but it would never last

The sun would always turn to rain

And along would come the familiar pain

So I walked alone

Then that fateful day came

When you found me broken and lame

You were the first to break my heart

I still loved you even apart

You brought the sun back

Put my heart back on the right track

Now there’s light to see

The strength that is inside of me

The strength that was always there

To make my life fair

I owe you my life

You took away all the strife

Made everything okay

In my heart, you will always stay