To you, from me

By SydneySider

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Tags: love, longing, desire, want

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You came to me as a dream,
Becoming my daydreams
My every thought consumed by you,
Bringing on explicit wet dreams 

My heart overwhelmed by you,
It burns with every longing love soaked beat
Flooding my being with a fiery desire,
Like a ring around my soul

Your devoted passion holding me captive,
Like an intoxicating drug
An addiction that has ravaged me,
One I need not challenge

Your invisible presence,
Encapsulates me
I feel safe and secure,
Forever loved and adored

An insatiable craving to hold your hand,
Smooth, soft fingers entwined with hardened hands
Slowly lifting to waiting lips,
Kissing you softly

My eyes rest upon your beauty,
As my fingertips graze your cheek
Combing back your long dark locks,
Wrapped between my fingers

Revealing the face of a goddess,
Awash with a blushing grin
Your eyelids closing slowly,
As a reaction from my touch

My pounding heart flutters,
Leaving my lungs void of oxygen
I struggle to keep focus,
I quiver with unyielding lust

The air thick with your scent,
Your natural musk
A blend of sweet perfume,
I can see my emotions mirrored in yours

I have said it all, over and over
The “I Love you’s”
The “I want you’s”
The “I need you’s”

But it’s not near enough,
For what I have shown you
It’s just a tiny drop,
In an ocean of love and affection

Desires and wanting,
Its waves crashing against your soul
Shaking you to the core,
A gorgeous epicenter

Your happiness beaming,
Through a smile that melts my heart
Leaving me aching and wanting you
Forever More.....