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Together as one

Tags: sensual


I hold you in my arms
And I kiss you tenderly
I hold you tighter and tighter
It's been days since we've been together.

We kiss more and more passionately
I kiss your neck, and you turn your head allowing me access
And I stop to gaze into your beautiful green eyes

You kiss me again
Your hands running up and down my back
slowly you unbutton my shirt,
Then you slowly pull it off,

I hold you to my chest
And I feel your heart race in rhythm with mine
I feel your hands trembling in anticipation
As you put my chest in your hands

You love that I look in your eyes
I feel it in your touch
I gently lift you off your feet
and cradle you in my arms

I carry you to the bed
I lay you there gently
I gaze at your beauty
Your eyes, your hair, your smile!

You reach for me unclasping my belt and tossing it on the floor
You undo the rest of my clothing
And it drops to the floor
My erection just inches from your lips.

You grab my butt and pull me into your mouth
Slowly you fondle my head,
Then my shaft,
I pull away, knowing I can't handle much more of this!

I pull off your shirt and remove your bra,
And as I slide off your shorts and panties
I can see how your thong is already soaking with your juices
I gasp at the magnificence of your body

Fresh, smooth and soft
You touch me lovingly
You pull me onto the bed
And I climb into your embrace

I think how long I have been without you!
How have I survived with your touch?

We lie there together
Our bare flesh pressing together
And we kiss deeply and passionately
Our tongues exploring like our first kiss.

I run my hands over your body
Your skin is hot to the touch
As I explore your back with my finger tips
And it inflames my desire

You softly caress my body
You start to moan,
and gaze at me, longing to start our lovemaking. 
Your soft touch turns a bit more aggressive.

I slide carefully on top of you
And you wrap your legs around my waist
As my lips caress your breasts
and my hands hold you auburn hair.

You gasp as you feel how hard I am
And seeing how ready you are
I kiss you and we begin
Our eyes locked on one another!

I caress your skin tenderly
I press myself against
the searing warmth of your womanhood
Your so wet, so silky and I can feel your heat!

You squeeze me tightly in your arms
As you feel the hardness of my masculinity
I slide between your moist lips
I only surrender my head.

We gasp together, the first touch
driving us wild, anticipating what is to come
I slowly fill you completely, feeling every inch of you,
And we become one!

I feel your warmth enclose me
Your juices flowing over my testicles
And you become part of me
One that I was always meant to find

I retreat again only allowing my head to dance with your vagina!
I continue slowly,
pulling as far away from you as I can stand
then plunging back into the perfect warmth of your love,

The sounds of our love making are driving me crazy
You moan as I pull myself out to your lips,
then gasp as I tenderly slide inside you again.
You move your body with mine, the pressure building

Pausing to discover your deepest treasures
I feel you tensing
And I begin to move faster, though still gently
Faster and faster and faster until,

I remain deeply in you as we grind our hips together
You scream my name and your back arches
As the bursting point is reached
As your body explodes, drowning us both in ecstasy

I can feel your clitoris rubbing against my flesh!
We cling to each other.
Lest we be washed away
in the rapture of your climax!

As your vagina walls pulsate on my cock!
I lay there in your arms
I kiss you tenderly
And I slowly begin again

I moan in ecstasy
You cry in pleasure!
Our lives, as our bodies and soul, are one
I ask if I can cum, and you just smile and nod!

Your legs tightly wrapped around my back!
I feel it building beyond my control
and I tell you in a way that requires no words,
then the waves begin, like the surf on the ocean!

Your hips are thrusting in a perfect rhythm.
You thrust once more and I explode, bursting inside you,
so intense is the feeling that I feel I may faint.
Never have I felt like this, until we became one!

You scream as you feel it going on and on
My love for you flowing into your body
Your love for me cradling me in bliss
Our juices combining to create unbelievable heat! 

My body stiffens and I tremble and cry out your name!
We hold each other tightly
As we become one soul
And for an instant, we touch heaven

I nearly faint as it fades
I lie in your arms spent like a child
I pull you close to me and I hold you tenderly
I never want this feeling to dissipate!

You hold tightly to me
Nibbling softly on my chest
And I hold you protectively
We are each others to share!

I softly stroke your auburn hair
And I kiss your lips, a kiss of love
And I feel you surrender in my arms!
A feeling I never want to go away.

I kiss your hair,
Marveling in the beauty of it’s smell
I whisper in your ear “I Love you Kathy"
And you giggle as goose bumps awaken on your sensual legs!

You tell me that you love me,
and that you feel safe in my arms
We drift off into blissful sleep,
snuggling together, our bodies a perfect fit!

We sleep in each other’s arms
our touch warming our bodies,
our love warming our souls!
Never wanting to move!

Together, forever our love growing stronger!


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © I make this solemn promise to you:

To be your lover when you need to be loved, Your doctor when you are ill, Your army when you go to war, Your umbrella when life rains down on you, Your rock when you get weary, Your shield when you need defense, Your spirit when you are drained, Your pillow when you need to rest, Your voice when no one can hear you, Your ear when no one will listen, Your comfort when you feel pain, Your hero when you are under duress, Your sunshine when darkness fall Your answer when questions arise, Your inspiration to overcome obstacles, Your hand to hold when you are frightened, Your kiss that wakes you everyday, and your "I love you" each and every night.

I am yours... all of me.

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