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Another quick love poem I've written up from some inspiration

I looked into your eyes for the first time and knew that this was fate.

How could anybody love me despite my past? 

How could any one person accept who I was? 

You have truly inspired me to become who I must. 

How could I ever pay you back for what you've done for me? 

I'll start by kissing you every chance I get. 

I'll offer a hug whenever you need it and even when you don't. 

I will wipe away every tear with care and affection. 

I'll reach out to you if you ever get lost and help guide you back to where you need to be. 

Because you reached out to me; you brought me back.

For that I say, "Thank you." A whisper in your ear that reaches the very depth of our souls. 

You are my beautiful Poppet and I adore your every curve, your every reaction, your every sound. 

I will make it to you. I will face every trial, every person and every demon to do so. 

I will tell you that I love you every day.

I will tell you that you are beautiful every day until one day, it is written in stone.

Our hopes will encourage each other. Our friendship will last a lifetime. 

Our love will give us strength. Together.