Touch Me

By Kandikiss51

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Tags: touch, kiss, love, passion

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Feel my love for you in my passionate kiss
Softly caress me as you touch me through the warmth of your kiss.

Linger for a moment, feel my love for you in my passionate kiss.

Hold me like there is no tomorrow, this moment suspended in time.

Listen to your heart its rhythmic beating in unison with mine.

When our eyes met I see a sparkle, reflecting your love for me.

Kiss the tears of joy from my eyes as I whisper; "Just love me."

Tenderly love me and ignite the flame of love that consumes us.

As I surrender to you, I am engulfed in the flames between us.

Darling, look into my eyes and hold me close, caress me, kiss me.

Tenderly make passionate love to me as I whisper; "Touch Me."