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Two Girls in a Bar - He Didn't Get Far

A bloke in a bar offers to pay for sex
Did I ever tell you about the young dude,
Who met two girls and what then ensued?

One girl was a blond, the other, brunette.
The bloke couldn't decide which was the best bet.

Well…the bloke scratched his head, and his chin and his pants.
And he said to himself, 'I’ll be taking a chance,'

I should go for the blond - I can see that she's be hot!
But how do I know if she’ll like me or not?

If I ask her to dance and then she says no,
I could take out my wallet and show her my dough.

That usually works, it's worth taking a chance,
So the bloke went over and asked her dance.

The blond eyed the bloke from behind her blue drink,
Taking a sip, giving time for a think.

She gave a sweet smile but then she said "no",
And turned her back saying, "I think you should go".

The bloke took his wallet and fanned through his cash,
Hoping the notes would help access her gash.

The blond turned around with her eyes out on stalks,
The bloke thought again, 'Thank God money talks'.

But the blond looked annoyed, "Who do you think that you are?"
"You think you can buy me like a drink from the bar?"

The brunette joined in from over her shoulder,
Liquid Nitrogen stare, perhaps even colder.

"Put your money away you stupid great prat,
Only for me the taste of her twat."

The words of her friend caught him off guard,
The vision they formed making him hard.

"You girls are together?" Thinking they're playing a game,
"Lesbian sex: what a waste, what a shame."

"What a waste, what a shame?" she asked, repeating his words,
"Don't tell me - you'll convert us 'fit birds'."

The bloke paused for a second to think about that,
An offer to make that wouldn't be turned down flat.

He'd come over thinking that he'd have to choose,
Blond or brunette hoping to schmooze.

But it looked as though he would get neither... or both,
The thought of two girls causing penile growth.

He decided it worth to take up the chance,
Two lovely girls to play with what's in his pants.

"I told you before that we're not for sale,
Plenty of girls if you're chasing some tail."

"I know what I want, and I think you do too,
Both of you girls wanting to screw."

Jaws hanging open not saying a word,
Stunned at the offer, thinking misheard.

"I'll give you some money of course that is true,
A bundle of notes for you and for you."

The blonde said something but quickly she stopped,
Brunette's elbow, and looks quickly swapped.

Notes there were plenty, for blonde and brunette,
Enough, and more for paying off debt.

"This offer I fear, I think is too low,
A very strange pain down here in my toe."

Brunette dived down, her hand on her shoe,
Her knickers on show, something she knew.

Dude made a noise, swallowing hard,
Thumb in his wallet, extracting a card.

"I'll make a withdrawal, and give it to you,
all I ask is that you make my dreams true."

"I don't know about that, but we'll put on a show,
We're lesbian lovers as you already know."

"You'll get to find out what we do in bed,
It's amazingly rude and will mess with your head."

"Oh my God, that's amazing I don't think I can wait,
Here is my money," he said, taking the bait.

Brunette kissed blondie right there in the bar,
Lip-on-lip action and a hand in her bra.

Blondie looked dizzy when the kiss was all done,
Brunette pulled in tightly, a hand on her bum.

Tits squeezed together, all four in a line,
Soft female flesh looking so fine.

"How are you doing, you look very hot,"
Brunette asked fella, not caring a jot.

For she could see that look in his eye,
Embarrassment felt, a sense he might die.

Unable to hide, the dark oozing flow,
People could see, starting to grow.

Pointing and laughing, people around,
Young dude, just standing not making a sound.

Brunette and blondie taking their cash,
Leaving together, gone in a flash.

Young dude with lesbians, could not take his chance,
No place could he go, cum spilt in his pants.

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Copyright © Copyright ©2015 Abigail Thornton. All Rights Reserved.

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