Under Orion's Watchful Eye

By techgoddess

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Look up to the stars in the sky until we are together again...
Under Orion’s Watchful Eye

I need to be with you, I miss you so much
I long to be feeling your magical touch
I want to be under you, feeling your might
Until then, may Orion watch o’er me tonight.

You need to be with me, to take me once more
You long to be ramming your sweet little whore
You want to be tying my wrists nice and tight
But for now Orion will keep me in sight.

We need to be joined, both our bodies and souls
You long to be filling up all of my holes
I want to be yours till the moon casts its light
In the meantime, Orion will watch me tonight.

I need to be naked, and spread open wide
I long to be blindfolded, collared, and tied
I want to feel the hot sting of your bite
But Orion will guard me till you’re in my sight.

You need to be playing with tits that you own
You long to be sucking them, making me moan
You want to abuse me and brand me just right
But you’ve sent Orion to watch me tonight.

We need to be coupled, our bodies entwined
I long to please both your body and mind
You want to force open each hole that is tight
But tonight it’s Orion that gives me its light.

I need to be with you as soon as I can
I long to be sassy while pleasing my man
I want to be used till your heart’s delight
But I’m glad that Orion keeps me safe till that night.