Under the Morning Stars

By LauraLee_sugah

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it is in the morning that i belong to you

Somewhere deep inside

I feel your voice cajoling me,

drawing me toward wakefulness,

singing a soft song

of love

and passion.

The sound fills me

with a smile that belongs to you

and you alone.

Hands touch my body softly

and I moan with sleepy pleasure.

You turn me to my back

and paint my breasts

with fiery kisses

that speed my heart

and take my breath.

You are my secret,

my lover,

my only truth.

Fingers slide along my ribs

outline my hips,

feel my taut belly,

lightly touch the edge of my slit.

Can you not hear my body

begging you?

singing its siren song?

Ahhhhhh, I guess you do

for your mouth

kisses in staccato beats

a path to my wanting.

Your tongue traces my navel

then moves to slide between my lower lips

to taste my moans of joy.

I am completely open to you

revealing my true self

under the soft light of morning stars

and the feel of your mouth.

You dip into me slowly at first

but tempo increases with your need

to own me,

to take me,

to drink the whole deep well that is me.

My hips rise to meet you.

My orgasm seizing us both.

I give you everything,

holding nothing back,

as my heart sings your song

and is still.