Until we meet again

By xbob

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The first time I saw her

And I looked into her eyes,

I found myself hoping

That there were no other guys.


The second time I saw her

We went out on a date.

I thought about that first kiss

And found I couldn’t wait.


When we met for the third time

I took her to my bed.

And when the night was over

I felt, this one I could wed.


And when that day came

That I took her for my wife,

I made myself a promise,

That it would be for life.


Life has not been perfect

Sometimes it’s a struggle

The thoughts that Lush gives me

Leaves my mind in a muddle.


But in the end I decided

That I must make amends

So now I must leave you

For to my wife I must attend.


I really hate to leave here

You have all been so great

But I must do this now

Before it is too late.


Maybe I’ll be back someday

It’s really hard to tell

But until that time comes

I must say farewell.