Untitled (for Kate)

By sprite

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Tags: love, bdsm

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Something that just sort of wrote itself.
My heart melts each time you smile
And I burn from within at your touch
Not what others would expect -
Your hands pulling me roughly to you
Your kisses stealing away my breath
The sudden shock of tooth and nail
Drawing blood and tears
Your fist inside my cunt
Claiming me as I scream
No longer sure if it is pleasure or pain

Instead the thrill of gentle fingers upon my elbow
Reminding me that I am yours
As we enter the room, eyes full of envy
My smile hidden, knowing that
Just as I am yours, You are mine
My feet have forgotten the pull of gravity
Only the brush of your kiss anchors me
Else I would be sky bound
Dreaming of roes petals and birds
And drowning in fields of poppies

i pray the only way I know how
Lips moving wordlessly
My tongue needing no translation
Whispering the language of delight
Between your thighs
Only one word between us
Spoken over and over
Like breath being drawn
And the beating of hearts