Unyielding Hearts

By golf_nut

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Tags: broken promises

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Singers sing, and poets dream
Of love's many splendor things
But love is a journey of highs and lows
Sometimes it works, sometimes it's not so

When love is neglected, it withers on the vine
For it will not survive the test of time
Hearts will break and tears will flow
One to stay and one to go

Never more to have and to hold
Loves warmth has grown cold
How did this all come about?
When did love turn to angry shouts?

What causes the pain of falling apart
The breaking away of such tender of hearts
Who is right, and who is wrong
Does it matter, when love is now gone?

What once was the most joyous of times
Now leaves lovers, both to cry
Somewhere, somehow, along the way
Love decided, not to stay
Hearts and promises both have been broken
Because true effort was but, a token

When hearts stand on the edge of the abyss
One must wonder, what led them to this
No more time and tender moments to ponder
When roaming eyes start to wander

Two lives now seperated by such upheaval
Secrets kept, becoming deceitful
For unyielding hearts and angry words spoken
Life's fury and dispare are awoken
Never more to share both time and space
And love dies.....it's such a disgrace