Urequited Love

By zebadee4u

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I watched him as he walked up near
Unrequited love

I watched him as he walked up near

Hoping my heartbeats he would not hear

I longed to have him close to me

But noticing me would never be

I dreamt that that he would strip me bare

And run his fingers through my hair

To kiss my neck would make me weak

And make my nipples rise to peak

To feel his body next to mine

Would be a feeling so divine

To feel our flesh so close and warm

Would surely start a passion storm

His hands upon my maiden hair

Finding my clit and rubbing it there

His lips caressing my moistened slit

Driving me wild and wanting it

His lovely penis thrusting in

My secret cavern deep within

We’d sway together just as one

Exotic feelings as we cum

Although this union could never be

He would never look at me

But private moments in my head

Could take him often to my bed