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Verses Versus

Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges
VERSES VERSUS – Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges

Shower Scene

The spray was hot, and full of steam.
The couple stood beneath.
His fingers in her female seam;
She sucked air through clenched teeth.

And even though the water cooled,
(They'd been in there an hour)
She loved the way that he had fooled
With her clit in the shower.

Belly Buttons

Some kinds are inny
And some kinds are outy.
Some look like lips
All puckered and pouty.

But the favoite ones
(At least these are mine)
Are the ones that are owned
By women sexually inclined!

Ass Play

Smack! Goes the paddle
And Swish! goes the flay.
We all love the sounds
Made during ass play.

The moans of the sub
Though she tries to remain dumb
All add to the joy
When ass play makes her cum.

Nipple Clamps

When he first attached the nipple clamps
She said, "They hurt less than premenstrual cramps."
But when they were removed, and her nipples stayed grooved,
The sudden pain made her pee in her pants.


Under the tablecloth I hide
My head inside her skirt.
She worries the wait staff will see
Especially if I make her squirt.

But out of respect I just use my tongue
And never insert fingers.
She's able to hide it when she comes
From my dessert of cunnilingus.

A Slow, Lazy Fuck

Sunday morning I awake
With a thirst I need to slake.
But I yawn, feeling drowsy
In this state I'd be a lousy
Slow lazy fuck.

But you rise to the occasion
And offer me pursuasion.
As you lie back and spread your legs
I succumb to your begs
With a slow lazy fuck

I enter you, moving slowly
At first you think, "Holy moly,
If he doesn't move much faster
I won't cum. What a disaster!
That slow lazy fuck!"

But as we move, we find a speed
Not very fast, that fills the need.
And soon you feel your tummy cramp
And twixt your legs, familiar damp.

And you thank the stars, and praise your luck
For responding to a slow lazy fuck.

Fancy Someone

On her I crush.
That girl from Lush.
And though we're many miles apart
At least today, she has my heart.
We both fancy one another
But we also know that there are others.

For now we'll be content with fun
We gain from fancying someone.

Tummy Sticks

Two men embrace
And exchange licks.
Oh my God! Tummy sticks!

What they might next do
No one knows.
Oh, Good Lord!
Penis toes!

I can't watch
But I can't not look.
This movie's better
Than the book.


they make a baby
out of wedlock, but so what?
the child is still loved

a single mom raises
the boy to become a man
he uses her name

Living In Sin

So I asked, "Do you love me?" and she said, "No,
But let's move in together, and we’ll give it a go.
We can screw in the kitchen and play with our food,
And shower together, if we're both in the mood."

"But don't you think," I asked, "that people will talk?"
"So what if they do? They can take a long walk
Off a short pier. Com'on, be a Dear; just give yourself in,
'Cause there's nothing so fun as living in sin."

Sex Outdoors

Breaking from the woods into an open glade
The lovers found a place for the blanket that they laid.
And having spread themselves out upon the ground
Their hands and fingers wandered to see what could be found.

Lips were firmly pressed as limpets to a shark.
Needing neither light nor air, their tongues worked in the dark.
With eyes tightly closed she loudly moaned and said
"Fuck me silly now; I need to feel that silken head."

With no further foreplay, he entered to her sheath
The birds and squirrels were silenced by their thrashing in the heath.
As they thrust against each other over and again.
A lightning bolt! Then, with them, came the rain.

They laughed and held each other tight then rolled upon their back
And lay there side by side, as the rain pelted her crack.
And as they lay there laughing, their muscles all gone slack,
(spent, you see)
She said to him, "Usually, when I cum, all I see is black."

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